Sleep Apnea Therapy Without a Mask

The Winx® Sleep Therapy System uses oral pressure therapy (OPT) to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The system consists of three main components—a small, quiet vacuum console; a soft, flexible mouthpiece; and a slim tubing set. The mouthpiece is worn inside the mouth during sleep and is attached to the console with the tubing set.

Each individual is sized for their mouthpiece. The user places the mouthpiece in their mouth, which is attached to the console via the tubing set. Once the mouthpiece is in place, the console will apply a light vacuum to gently draw the tongue and soft palate forward, which actively opens the airway.

With the slim tubing, users can sleep in any position. The quiet, discreet console and travel-friendly design allows Winx to fit into a user’s lifestyle with minimal disruption to the user or bed partner.

The Winx system also keeps track of system use and stores the information on a data card in the back of the console.

Patient sleeping with the Winx Sleep Therapy System