Clinical Evidence

Oral pressure therapy is a novel non-invasive treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. The published clinical research listed below has evaluated the safety, effectiveness, and tolerability of the system for patients with mild, moderate, and severe OSA.


ApniCure Publication List

Latest Releases

Girdhar A, Berry RB, Ryals S, Beck E, Wagner M. A young man running out of treatment options. J Clin Sleep Med 2015;11(10)1239–1242.

Mechanism of Action

OPT increases the airway in both the anterior-posterior and lateral dimensions.

Upper Airway MRI Images

Before and After MRI imaging showing Winx Mechanism of Action and soft tissue displacement

SLEEP 2014;37(7):1237-1247 [Link to Publication]

Am J Respir Crit Care Med 185;2012:A6811 [Download the PDF]

European Sleep Research Society, JSR 21 (Suppl. 1);2012:O310 [Link to Abstract]

ATLAST Study Results

The ATLAST multicenter, prospective, clinical trial was conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of the Winx System for the treatment of OSA. Study results demonstrated significant improvements in AHI and ODI for patients with moderate and severe OSA. Treatment was durable over 28 days, and adherence was high, with strong patient and bed partner satisfaction.

  • Responders were easily identified, and achieved median AHI reduction from 26.2 to 5.7.
  • Median objectively recorded usage per night was 6.0 hours.
  • 76% of participants responded they would use the Winx System to treat their OSA.

European Sleep Research Society, JSR 21 (Suppl. 1);2012:P697 [Download the PDF]

European Sleep Research Society, JSR 21 (Suppl. 1); 2012:P696 [Download the PDF]