Unmask Sleep Apnea with Winx®

See how Winx works:

A New Option for Treating Sleep Apnea

The Winx Sleep Therapy System is an innovative home-use device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults.

The system’s flexible mouthpiece allows for uniterrupted breathing through the nose without a mask, and the slim tubing enables sleeping in any position. The quiet console and sleek design create a peaceful sleeping environment for users and their bed partners.

Trying Winx is Easy!

There is minimal upfront investment to see if Winx works for you.

Here are some options for trying Winx:

  • Visit a sleep center in your area that offers Winx
  • If you’ve been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can take a Winx Prescription Packet to your physician of choice

Download Winx FAQ’s (PDF).

Call 888.946.9033 to request a Winx Prescription Packet, or to locate sleep centers in your area offering Winx.

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