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Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center
Multiple Cleveland Area Locations
LifeLine Sleep Centers, an affiliate of Akron General Hospital
Multiple Akron Area Locations
Lung, Allergy, and Sleep Centers of America

How does Winx work?

Treating sleep apnea is important. Wearing a mask can be cumbersome. The New Winx Sleep Therapy System can treat your sleep apnea without a mask. Winx works by delivering a light, oral vacuum to gently open your airway via a flexible mouthpiece. Winx uses slim tubing that allows you to sleep in any position. As a bonus, the console is quiet and travel-friendly. These are just a few of the advantages Winx can offer.

How can I Try Winx?

Winx is available by physician prescription. You can make an appointment with a Winx Specialist by calling one of the local Winx Sleep Centers listed on this page. Or, you can request a Winx Prescription Packet to discuss with your physician of choice. We want you to be happy with the therapy you choose. That’s why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee allowing you to return the product, risk-free, if you find Winx is not right for you after purchase.

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